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BASF Styropor® Expandable Polystrene (EPS) 1.25 LB Foam Density-STANDARD


.032 Aluminum Panels, our standard thickness for roof and wall panels


XT-10 Architectural Polyester Paint, our standard which is Energy Star qualified

Our Tongue & Groove System that allows a foam-to-foam contact


Made in the U.S.A.


Styropor® is an expandable polystyrene (EPS) developed by BASF (The Chemical Company) known for its low weight, high shock adsorption capability and excellent thermal performance. As one of the world's most recognized and effective insulation and packaging materials,


Styropor® has been a market leader since it was invented in 1951. Styropor® was selected as our standard EPS used with our wall and roof panels known for its cost effectiveness and energy-efficient insulating properties.


Highlights of Styropor's Performance Features:

Excellent thermal insulation capacity
High compressive strength
Outstanding impact absorption
GREENGUARD Gold Certification (CHPS) safe for use in K-12 schools
Major Attribute-Energy Efficiency
Resistant to aging and rotting
Strong and dimensionally stable
Vapour-permeable and highly water resistant
Reliable form of heat insulation
Improves soundproofing
Sustainable and Recyclable
Building code certified by ICC
Certified foam to ASTM C578
Insulation indoor air quality, and fire rating certified by Underwriters Lab UL


XT-10 Architectural Polyester Paint
Premium Coil Coating for Aluminum Wall and Roof Panels


Styro-Tek uses as a standard finish XT-10 Architectural Polyester Paint that is Energy Star qualified and is used to paint/coat the aluminum coil used by Styro-Tek.


Finish: The XT-10 finishes provide cost effective protection in exterior exposures. The XT-10 Series is formulated with a Proprietary Composite Polyester resin for resistance to U.V. degradation to prevent chalking and fading in severe environments.


Warranty: The XT-10 Series is a 10-year warranted coating system designed to be applied as two-coat primer/finish system. The XT-10 coatings feature our special stain resistant resin that also improves scratch and metal marking resistance. XT-10 coatings are tough yet flexible enough to be embossed and easily take a 1-T bend in roll forming. The material data safety sheet (MSDS) available upon request.


“Our” Tongue & Groove vs. “their” snap-lock system
Styro-Tek uses a Tongue & Groove System, so the foam-to-foam contact helps to seal panels from undesired weather conditions.


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